söndag 19 juni 2011

Plans for summer sewing

I've started planning for the Summer Essential Sew-Along and I'll be starting off with using fabric from my stash. I tend to buy fabric more appropriate for winter sewing, but some pieces is useful even for summer.

So then here's the plan so far:
Two skirts, one in a light weight denim and the other one in a pink linen. I've started on the denim skirt today, using this pattern (view D):

The pink skirt one might be the pencil skirt version of the same pattern.

Blouses: I have two light weight cottons to use for blouses, one in a dark blue and one white with pink stripes which could go well with the pink skirt. I have these two patterns in mind for these

This not all I want to sew, a few dresses would be nice, a summer jacket, a swimsuit, some trousers... the list can be long!

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